If You Are Lucky Enough To Have Parents That Love You, Cherish It

By Danica • May 10, 2022

This is a different sort of kindness but important.

If you are lucky enough to have parents that love you, cherish it.

My father was sadly involved in all the flooding that we've had in NSW and he lost nearly everything. Recently he told me that he was the saddest about the loss of a bedside table drawer that was full of my old drawings and letters to him when I was a child (I'm in my mid-thirties to add some context) and I thought that he was sad because he felt guilty.

His reply?

"No I'm sad because I used to get them out and look at them when I was having a hard day and they made me feel better".

Wow. Just wow.

To mean that much to someone blows me away. And I've also got an amazing Mum that loves me to bits and I feel so blessed to have this in my life. I hope that anyone who has someone in their lives that feels this way about them remembers that this is not typical of every family. Not all children are unconditionally loved even though they deserve to be.

If you are, you are SO lucky.


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