A Shout Out To A Lovely Young Woman

By Lisa • May 2, 2022

Just wanted to give a a shout out to the lovely young woman travelling on last night’s Brisbane-Launceston Virgin flight. She was in the row behind me and found herself sitting next to two young children who were travelling alone back to Tassie after the school holidays (and were a little sad about leaving their dad).

She spoke to them and entertained them right from the beginning. The kids, being young, weren’t on their best behaviour and an older couple behind them asked the flight attendant to deal with them. This lovely young lady offered to sit in between them to break up the sibling bickering, spoke to them for the whole flight, let the boy play games on her phone, joked with them and generally made them feel comfortable and happy. I was really impressed. I think many people would’ve just put their headphones on and ignored them.

I heard her travelling companion in the next row say she was studying to be a teacher, and I think with her kindness and compassion she will be an asset to the teaching profession. Well done.


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