A Small One But One I Really Needed

By Ashleigh • April 26, 2022

Went to get my blood drawn yesterday with my 18 month old daughter in tow. The phlebotomist was all too happy to keep my toddler entertained while drawing my blood, and at the end of the draw made a comment on my daughters hair being over he eyes and then said she was a hairdresser as well, had her scissors with her and would I like her fringe cut back? Ended up with a free fringe cut which honestly while it seems small was one less thing I had to think about doing later that week and got the hair out of my daughters eyes. Made my whole week!!!!

My husband and I work full time so our weekends are most often just catching up on jobs we couldn't get to during the week, and at the moment trying to deal with a ceiling collapse that destroyed our main room during the qld floods has taken up so much of our weekends. Every little moment we get back to ourselves as a family is so appreciated.


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