Random Act Of Kindness After An Awful Day

By Simonne • March 12, 2022

Yesterday my daughter's 12 week old puppy was injured and we needed to take him from Wollongong to Miranda for emergency Vet treatment. The drive was long and sad with a very sick pup.

After news of the likely extensive (and very expensive) treatment we left pup at the hospital for the night for observation and further treatment today. We needed to pause, chat about the day and have something to eat before driving home so we found somewhere close by. I had juggled commitments in the afternoon and needed to take a work call during dinner- explaining briefly about having a had rough day and rescheduling the call.

After dinner we were feeling clearer and ready for the drive home. When I went to pay we were told that the lady sitting next to us had paid for our dinner.

My daughter burst into tears- the kindness shown to us was so special and helped to balance out a pretty awful day.

Thank you- you never know what others are going through


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