A Selfless And Kind Thing To Do

By Sharni • March 7, 2022

Have been meaning to post since Christmas and thought with all the sadness around us at the moment now is a good time for some happy stories.

Just before Christmas I left work and had forgotten that I had sat my new laptop on the bonnet of my car. I had driven off and of course the laptop had fallen off along the drive home somewhere. I had headed to the shops for last minute Christmas shopping when my mum called to tell me that a beautiful man had seen my laptop case sitting not far off the side of the road (luckily hadn’t been ran over) and stopped, walked back and picked it up. Thankfully, I had rego papers inside, which told him my address.

This man was actually on travelling from Queensland all the way to Sydney to be with his mum who was having open heart surgery and was not only so honest, but also went 30 minutes out of his way to find my address and bring the laptop home to me.

Was such a selfless and kind thing to do in what I’m sure was a hard and worrying time for him and his family.


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