I Found A Missing Little Girl

By Xhanadee • February 23, 2022

PROUD wife in here.

He said to me "I found a missing little girl." then he told me what happened.

During weekend my husband is on his way to his friend birthday party then he saw parents screaming for their daughter's name they looked stress and he got the feeling their kid is missing.

He said to himself as a parent thats the worst nightmare looking for your missing child/ren. He said to himself hope they can find their kid and hope nothing bad happened to their kid. And thousand of people walking in Southbank and the Yarra River is just there any bad things can happen.

Then he continued his walk.

When his near in the traffic lights he saw this little girl around 4 or 5 yrs old is about to cross the road and its red lights he tried to run lucky there's 2 old woman stopped the little girl then he realised that this girl can be the missing kid so he asked the girl is your name £€!%$?

Then she reply yeah my husband said I think I know where your parents are follow me then the 2 old woman and the little girl followed my husband then when he saw the parents he ran to them and asked them is that your kid then the parents starts to cry and non stop thanking him and even the 2 old woman told him you made our day today your a good guy.

He said welcome to them and told them I'm a parent too and that's the worst nightmare of all the parents. He thank the 2 old woman too for stopping the little girl to cross the road. Then he left.

I told my husband not all heroes wear cape and your our HERO I hugged him so tight coz im so PROUD of HIM. THANK GOD that my husband is in the right time and in the right place.


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