A Rose Quartz Bracelet

By Karina • February 21, 2022

Today my nana was able to fly down to see me and her great grand kids. She told me about this beautiful event that occurred prior to boarding her plane. She was chatting with the flight attendant assigned to help her board about how this is her first vacation in 67years without her husband who passed away last year and she was looking forward to see her grand daughter and great grand children, a visit made extra special as today is her birthday. She got emotional and then a mum and her 3 little children came over and the oldest said they too were going to visit their great grandma who lost her husband recently, and it too was her birthday, they asked if they could give my grandma a birthday present. They gave her a rose quartz bracelet they had gotten from the gift store and wished her a happy birthday. They then went back into the gift store and got their great grandma another bracelet (the same type) as they had given the original gift to my grandma. This cheered her up immensely.

So somewhere out there is another great grandma sporting the exact same bracelet.

Such a lovely gesture from a lovely family that she didn’t know and will most likely never see again.


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