Listen To Your Gut

By Karen • January 26, 2022

I live in a complex with a large number of elderly.

Lately we have had ambulance drivers here most weeks and last week I saw an ambulance arrive and I bolted to the shops to grab some chocolates and wine to give them just to say thanks for all they are doing in these stressful times. By the time I got back that crew was leaving so I put the box up to wait for the next time a crew arrived.

Today an ambulance arrived and I grabbed the box and wandered around till I found them. It obviously wasn’t an urgent situation and I caught one of the ambulance drivers as he was going back to the rig for something. I handed him the box with a note and said I just want to say thank you for all you do.

He looked at me and said "Let me tell you a story. Yesterday I wanted to quit this job then a guy bought me lunch and I thought maybe this gig isn’t so bad and now this. It means more than you know."

What meant the most to me was the reminder to listen to your gut and don’t be afraid to do small things because those pressies I bought a couple of weeks ago were clearly meant for him today. So many frontline workers are so overwhelmed at the moment and the smallest gesture can mean the world.


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