My Mother In Law Was Brought To Tears The Other Day While She Was Out Shopping

By Karen • January 20, 2022

I am writing this on behalf of my mother in law who was brought to tears the other day while she was out shopping due to a random act of kindness.

She had been in her local IGA at Mascot and left while holding a $50.00 note in her hand. She realised when she went to pay for something next door that she must have dropped it. She went back into her IGA to explain what happened and to ask if anyone had handed it in but no one had.

Resigned to the fact that she wouldn't get it back she went back into Wilsons Cake shop when she received a tap on the shoulder by a young mum pushing a pram.

She handed her a $50.00 note.

My mother in law thanked her, thinking she found it. She explained that she hadn't found it but overheard the conversation and wanted to give it to her. My mother in law was refusing to take it from this very generous person but she insisted and said that she wanted to do it, as she had a good year last year and she like to give back.

My mother in law was so overwhelmed by her generosity that she didn't even think to get a name. Whoever you are, we all send you a huge thank you. You made her day.


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