People Can Be So Golden

By Lynda • January 17, 2022

So I have a very sensitive 8 year old who is super creative.

On the weekend she sat down and made a bunch of bracelets and collected some of her teddy’s to sell. She was so excited! This is quite big for her as she can be quite reserved at times.

She sat for a while and no one stopped. She suddenly felt super embarrassed and started to cry. I convinced her to stay a little longer, but after another 20 minutes she was hot and upset and we decided to pack it up.

In our mailbox today we received this letter and a five dollar note. My husband and I were so incredibly moved. She was so happy. She raced to make a fresh bracelet of green beads and made a card to thank our neighbourly angel and wonderful human.

This gesture meant everything to our girl…and to us. People can be so golden.


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