I Think I Had An Angel Visit Me

By Ree • January 10, 2022

While sitting in my car, playing my phone, waiting for hubby to grab a loaf of bread, I heard a voice at my driver window "hello, all the best" Looking up confused, I saw an elderly man at my window. I said "pardon me" as I wasn't sure if I hear him correctly.

He said " hello, I just wanted to wish you all the best."

I said "thank you so much & Happy New Year too you too."

He then went on to say that I've had a hard year & this year will be better for me!

I was quite taken back & said "I really hope so, thank you"

He then touched my shoulder, said "everything will be ok" then took off!

I watched him limp towards the back of my car, looked down for a second, then back up to my rear view mirror & he was gone. Just like that!!!

I don't know who this gentleman was but his kindness definitely filled my heart with happiness & hope.

Thank you whoever you are.

Angels they are definitely out there amongst us!


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