Sold A Couch

By Michael • January 6, 2022

Sold a couch to a random bloke on Facebook about a year ago. It was my folks old couch set that was passed down to me when I moved out.

On NYE I received a text from a number which turned out to be the bloke who bought the couch. He was messaging as he had found a Pandora bracelet in the couch and was reaching out to see if it was ours.

Incredibly, it was my sisters, she lost it about 9years ago.

We arranged for my sister to pick it up from him, which was easy. He was so kind and didn't even want any sort of reward or thank you gift. We still bought him.some chocolates.

This is the sort of person I'm happy to be living amongst in our society. Shows that we have some awesome people still living in Melbourne.

Thank you Naveed.


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