Encountered The Most Heart Wrenching Act Of Kindness Today While Shopping With My 3yo Daughter.

By Katie • November 22, 2021

Encountered the most heart wrenching act of kindness today while shopping with my 3yo daughter.

In the store two older ladies complimented my daughters hair (it’s red & curly so gets a lot of attention!)

Anyway, we ended up behind them at the check outs, one of the ladies smiled at her again, telling us she has “beautiful dolls at home with hair just like hers”.

As she paid, she apologised to the worker for being a bit slow as she is sick. Then when she finished, she put her hand out to my daughter holding $10 and said “what can she buy with this, I’d like her to have it”, I was taken aback and said how kind her gesture was but please keep it for herself, she insisted and said “I might not make it to Christmas, I’d like her to have it” and her friend also said “please take it, she wants her to have it”.

My heart broke for a stranger I’d just met, she was immaculately dressed, had her beautiful grey curls styled, some makeup on, and still being so generous, kind and selfless all while enduring the unbearable reality that she has not got long left on this earth.

Thank you to this beautiful soul, I will never forget your kindness and will tell my daughter when she’s old enough to understand what it truly meant.


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