Heaven Is In My Heart

By Glory Fu • November 8, 2021

With my PR (permanent resident) card in hand, I was delighted to start my Canadian dream. "Life should be wonderful for me with many opportunities ahead of me." I thought. However, during my first three months in a new city, Vancouver, I was confronted with enormous obstacles and loneliness that I had never experienced before.

Because of no family in Canada, I had to start from scratch on everything, from food, clothing, housing and transportation. During the day, I carried a city map, exploring the new city, and in the evening I was at home, lying on the sofa, helplessly thinking about what I was supposed to do next. In three months, I moved seven times, and even once I almost ended up sleeping on the road. In just 90 days, I experienced my life as a boat floating under the billowing waves of water. On one snowy midnight, I felt my heart empty as if there was nothing that could fill it. I looked within and asked myself, "Why am I here?" "Where am I going to?" "What is the purpose of life?" At that moment, a strong hunger for the truth drove me to start reading the Bible. And the word of God revealed the light to my hungry spirit, saying, "Heaven is not on earth; heaven is in your heart."

Dear friends, God speaks to us at a difficult time. If you are having a bad day, look up. God is the only one giving you authentic living bread and an unshakeable answer.


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