Passion For Learning

By Anjali Mohapatra • November 8, 2021

A long queue was spirally formed, cause of space. The young adults were trying to register their names to collect the admission form, for the next new session.

The clerk was too busy in her tiring work, passing over the forms, collecting the money, writing the names etc. She just used to lift her face randomly, otherwise no time to see anybody’s face.

She was very fast. After writing two hundred names, she said, ‘Next’

A person handed over the money.

‘Name please! Age’

‘Acharya, 75 years’


‘Yes. Acharya, 75 years’

The lady lifted her face, glanced at the person.

‘No sir, not yours. Your son’s, I mean the candidate’s name and age.’

‘Yes ma’am! I am the candidate. I want a form.’

‘What? Are you kidding me?’

‘No ma’am. I am serious. I think, age is not a barrier for getting education.’

The old man smiled, took the form and went away! The clerk stopped working for few seconds, stared at the man till he disappeared and mumbled, ‘What a passion for learning!’


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