School Uniforms

By Toni • November 8, 2021

The other day i was in the pharmacy with my son who is 5 and loves engaging with strangers when he is with a safe adult. This day he said hi to a young kid and began a conversation. This kid was wearing the uniform of the school my son will be starting at next year so i pointed that out to him. When we were leaving the other kid said see you at school next year. As i was packing my car with grocerys later the mother drove up behind me and offered me a bag of uniforms that no longer fit her son and were destined for goodwill. For nothing! I went and picked them up from her the next afternoon.

This may seem like a small kindness to some people but for me it is huge! I have been stressing quite a bit about the cost of uniforms for school next year. We are attempting to start a business with no capital and have financial difficultys atm. I also suffer from severe depression and anxiety and have had a really bad year this year, worst in my life and ive had quite a few bad years.

I cannot even begin to explain how much i appreciate this 'small' gesture from a complete stranger. It has relieved a bit of a burden from my shoulders and is very much appreciated.

You never know when the small kindnesses, even simply a smile in the street, can be increadibly uplifting to a complete stranger.

Thanks Nic.


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