We're All In This Together

By Marianne • November 8, 2021

I found this mobile, bank card and pension card, etc while walking my assistance dog around a local oval today. I too am a pensioner due to my mental health. I have been struggling with suicidal ideation recently, and was awaiting an appointment at hospital this afternoon for an urgent review. I knew this person would need their phone back, and how stressed they would be at the thought of replacing these items.

So after our walk I drove to the address on this card. No one was home, so I left a note. They called and thanked me for trying to return their phone earlier. I told them I would return it to them this afternoon after attending hospital.

Upon arriving they kindly gifted me $20 to treat myself. This has allowed me to fill the script for new medication, as living on a DSP is very limiting.

Thank you to this kind soul. We're all in this together.


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