O To A And E To O

By Jodi-Ann E. M. Morgan • October 28, 2021

I remember hearing this saying quite often, “I before E except after C”. Do you remember this? This was one of the guides that was given to us as kids to aid in the spelling of words such as believe and receive. As I’ve grown older, I have a new rule which I use as a guide to help me with life’s classroom of lessons. Can you guess what it is?

I’ll give you a hint by starting off with a story. My friend and I went out to eat at a new restaurant. We had a lovely time, particularly since I hadn’t seen her in quite a while. When we had finished dining we went back to my car as I planned to drop her home. I guess the car had other plans because it would not start. Luckily, I had my jumper cables so I thought this should fix the problem. Nope! For whatever reason I couldn’t get the clamp to stay on the battery terminal. My sense of relief came to a crashing halt and this is when I really starting to panic and get frustrated.

Thereafter, a gentleman saw us and gave us a helping hand and I was able to start the car again. This is where I believe God was in control:

1. I was hoping to have parked at the front of the building but with no vacancies I had to park to the back, where there weren’t going to be many onlookers

2. When she received her bill, my friend noticed that something was left off erroneously and so highlighted this to our server so that she could pay what was truly due

3. This server just so happened to have come around to the back where we were at the time we were having trouble and assisted us with such understanding

For me, it’s always these little things that make an impression on my heart about God. He aligns the right people, right places, and right things at the right time for us to not have to worry. Instead, He wants us to put on the full armour of a “wArriOr” and not be a “wOrriEr”, trusting that He will help us in our fights. This is the new rule I was referring to earlier; I was reminded that my O needs to change to A, and my E to O, so that I am not a worrier but instead a warrior. There are times I do forget to suit up, but I’m trying my best every day to be clothed in His promises and remain deeply rooted in Him. My hope is that this rule will be employed by you too, with little to no exception.


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