The Kindness I Experienced Today...

By Janis • October 22, 2021

The "kindness" I experienced today... was from the Universe, in the form of a tiny bird. I believe that the lesson and gift, was that of true Trust, Patience and Love.

This precious little one must have hit the glass at work today, as she sat stunned right outside the door when I came out. I waited, but she wasn't moving so I carefully picked her up. I cradled her in both hands for awhile, warming her and sending healing energy. When she fluttered her wings briefly I tried setting her down, but she didn't want to leave my hand! She eventually hopped off under a bush at my gentle urging, where she sat even after I had to go back inside. I checked on her, and after about 15 mins she finally hopped, then flew off!! The sweet, gentle presence and trust of my little friend has stayed in my heart all day. 

I am filled with gratitude for my experience.


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