2 Acts Of Kindness

By Trish • October 20, 2021

Went to visit my 82 year-old Dad today and he told me about two acts of kindness that happened to him recently.

First, he been grocery shopping and when he opened the tailgate of his car, a 6pack of glass bottles fell out of the car, missing his feet but smashed glass all over. As he stood contemplating how to pick it all up (at 6ft2 and 82 bending isn't particularly easy) Then a voice calls out "stay where you are mate" and out of a removalist truck appears a young guy who proceeds to clean up every little piece.

Second, Dad was out riding his mobility scooter and he was stopped beside the gutter trying to figure out how to get the scooter up onto the path when there was no ramp to ride up, a young guy around 18 jogging by stopped and asked if he needed help, when Dad explained the problem he said "No worries mate" and picked up the scooter and set it on the path. As Dad said, "There's great hope for the world with young people like those 2 in it"


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