A Thousand Pennies

By Joseph J. Mazzella • August 24, 2021

Ever since I was a boy I have been a penny picker upper. I would find them on sidewalks, on playgrounds, in the grass, along the railroad tracks, and even in swimming pools. Back then a penny was still worth a penny. If you managed to find two then you could buy a big piece of bubble gum and once you had collected a handful you could get a small bag of chips. Each penny back then was a little treasure. It was only later that I heard the saying that pennies are also reminders from Heaven that you are watched over from above. It said that they were little gifts from God, the angels, and passed loved ones set in our path to remind us of their love.

I never thought much about this growing up, though, until the winter of my 25th year. That was the year that my Mom died from cancer at only 55 years old. After watching her breath her last my grief weighed on me like a stone. The darkness of the days matched the darkness in my heart. How I longed for just one more hug, one more “I love you” from my Mom. It was then on the coldest day of the year that I stopped at a gas station to fill my car’s tank. As the wind cut through me I lowered my eyes and saw it on top of some dirty snow: A Bright, Shiny, New Penny. I remembered the old saying. I smiled, bent down, and picked it up. Suddenly, I felt a wave of love enter my heart. Warmth surrounded me. My eyes filled with tears. I knew then that Mom was with God joyfully watching over me with all of her love.

Since that day 30 years ago I have found at least a thousand pennies. They come to me everywhere and at all times. Sometimes they lift my spirits on a down day. Sometimes they encourage me that I am on the right path. But above all they always remind me that I am loved.

You are loved. You are loved by God. You are loved by those in Heaven. Let this love live in you. Share your own love as well. And don’t forget to smile whenever you pick up a penny.


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