I Had The Most Kindest Thing Happen At My Local Shopping Center

By Abbie • August 19, 2021

I had the most kindest thing happen at my local shopping center yesterday.

Me and my kids were there to get a couple of birthday presents for others, I was telling my son that we were just looking and he can wait for his own birthday to get something when a kind elderly lady came up to us with what he was looking at in her hand and asked me if I'd mind if she got it for my son.

I nicely told her that whilst it was a lovely gesture it wasn't necessary, she proceeded to shove $20 in my hand and told me to get my daughter something too and that she really wanted to do it!

She rushed off leaving me and the kids a bit bewildered!

So thank you to the kind lady who made our day!!

I promise we will pay it forward.


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