I Enjoy Exercise Tape

By Kay Heitsch • August 19, 2021

Years ago, I could not stand to exercise until I bought a cassette tape called "I Enjoy Exercise." I listened to it every day. I purchased the cassette tape because I wanted to run in a race and hopefully win!

I had committed to our 16-year-old son Todd that I would run in a race with him. Unfortunately, however, when that race came about, he had died. So I took part in that race without him running with me, and I didn't do too well.

So now I had decided I was going to train and hopefully win the next race. I needed motivation, so I purchased this "I Enjoy Exercise" cassette tape. I also listened to a cassette tape called "Win At Sports."

It was amazing what happened to my thinking as I listened to these cassette tapes daily. I started to think about the repeated words on the cassette tape. "I enjoy exercise." Instead of dreading exercise, I was thinking, "I enjoy exercise."

I found out how important words are that we play in our minds every day. I went from a person who could not stand to exercise to someone who started to exercise daily.

Just think how our lives will improve if we meditate on the uplifting and motivating words of the Bible. I have found many verses that have greatly improved my thinking and thereby improved my life.

How did I do in that race, you might be thinking? I actually won the gold medal in my age division.


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