By Joseph J. Mazzella • August 17, 2021

It had been hot and muggy in the mornings for this last week, but this morning the weather was better. The air was cool and smelled sweet. The sun was slowly rising from behind the trees. The moon was at 3 quarters full and looked like a smiling face peeking around a doorway. I could see 3 hummingbirds zooming around in ariel acrobatics around my daughter’s feeder. In the sky the pink and purple in the clouds was slowly turning gold and white. The meadow behind my house was full of life too. Yellow buttercups and golden dandelions were blooming in it with bees and butterflies all around them. I could also see hundreds of daisies, black eyed Susans, and regal Queen Anne’s lace filling it with their beauty and Heavenly scents.

I was glad that nobody had mowed it in a while so all of these wild flowers had a chance to share their sweetness with my soul. So often people call these flowers weeds and do everything they can to exterminate them. They get run over with lawn mowers, showered with herbicides, and cut down with weed eaters. Yet, given a few weeks they are back again sharing their food with the insects, their loveliness with my heart, and their glory with God.

I really admire these “weeds”. I have raised lots of flowers in my yard over the years. I have planted them, watered them, and watched them grow. Still, they never seemed as hardy as the wild flowers. They seemed a little fragile instead and without my help they soon died. The so called “weeds” didn’t need my help at all. They went right on growing year after year blessing this world with their beauty. That is why they will always have a special place in my heart.

In this life you have a choice. You can be a fragile flower at the mercy of the world. Or you can be a rugged “weed” taking all life gives you and still sharing your beauty with everyone. May you always choose the latter. May your life be full of strength, growth, laughter, love, and joy. May you overcome all the obstacles in your way. May you grow where God planted you, take your place in His glorious creation, and live your life with your own unique light.


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