Guy Gets To Feel Like A Kid Again Instead Of Being Seen As Creepy

By A Friend • August 9, 2021

I live in an apartment complex that has a bunch of little kids. During the original lockdowns I would go outside to walk around and get out and one day one of the kids launched a soccer ball my direction and without thinking I headed the ball back to them and they said something like “WHOA! Do it again! Do it again!” And I was hesitant at first because I’m bald 31 year old with a large beard playing with a bunch of little kids. I told them “Im not sure if your parents would want you playing with a stranger but you guys have fun!”

I didn’t realize their mom was sitting inside with the window open watching them and I hear her yell “Please kick the ball around with them if you want to, I know you live across the hall I see you all the time!”. I proceeded to play soccer with them for about 2 hours and had a blast.

Now every Friday without fail a group of kids knock on my door at 6pm because they know I’m off work and want me to play some kind of game with them. We played freeze tag last Friday it was dope, I cheated and climbed a tree so they couldn’t get me. Makes me feel like a kid again and it truly is a highlight to my week. The mom also brings me fresh homemade tamales at least every 2 weeks and refuses to let me pay for them.

Credit: Reddit


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