Surprise Coffee

By Kylie • July 24, 2021

Today I felt a little bit broken. I was up all night with a sick kid, snoring husband and a clingy dog (they are all SOOOOOO lucky I love them so much). Teaching my own 3, my high school students and using my breaks to do washing, house work and get dinner on. Then I was teaching my Year 10s period 5 when what do you see through the study window...

My absolute legend of a neighbor quietly sneaking a coffee and leaving it on my door step as a surprise.

Kylie you are a star. What an awesome act of kindness. I shouted "YES!" Right into the faces of 24 very confused boys 🤣 ☕️

It’s little things that can absolutely make someone's day and got me through the rest of the afternoon and evening. Smiling and feeling grateful


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