It Changes Their World

By Lauren • July 15, 2021

As I walked to my car in the local shopping mall, I saw a man who was sitting quietly with a sign that said, please help.

I often give $20 but after reading these posts over the past few weeks I decided to invest time as well… I stopped and just said… come on buddy… pick up your things and let’s get you some groceries.

As we walked back into the mall we exchanged names… and I ascertained he had a place to live… no point getting things that needed cooking if you didn’t have anything to use.

Anyhow.. he had shared his story and for whatever reasons was doing it tough… we started in fruit and veg… asked if he could have broccoli ( not what I’d have chosen first!)… got some carrots… salad veggies and a couple of onions and garlic. Meat was mince and I asked what he hadn’t had for a long time… so we picked him a nice steak. He got milk and some pasta and some passata (apparently broccoli goes in his spaghetti bol) and he asked if he could get a toothbrush and paste.

As we were talking he told me he had 2 boys… so a big pack of 2 minute noodles and some Oreos went in the basket . A bottle of shampoo, and the biggest decision was what smell for some laundry detergent.

I’m not sure too many nice things have happened to this man, but his smile was genuine, he only took what he absolutely needed ( I prompted for the few extras and hope he smiles when he cooks his steak) I know I won’t do this all the time as I can’t afford to do so… but treating people with dignity, kindness and compassion is a two way act. I’d prefer to post this anonymously as I’m not looking for platitudes… but seriously… if someone is sitting in the cold when it is wet and miserable and asking for help… it changes their world ( and in my case, mine)


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