Mobility Scooter

By Barbara • July 14, 2021

A friend/Buddhist nun’s weekend project was to sell her mother’s mobility scooter online. Joanna Lavelle is 90 and a bit more homebound these days. She and her daughter/my friend went to the shops this morning and her mother stopped to chat, as she always does, today to an elderly gentleman struggling with a rickety cane.

She happened to mention the mobility scooter and he said “I need one of those.” And Joanna said, “you can have mine, I don’t use it any more!”

He couldn’t believe it at first, but when he realised she meant it, he was over the moon.

Turns out he lives 3 blocks away, she took him home with her and sent him on his way in his new (to him) scooter on this cold Sunday afternoon. We are so happy that this act of gifting, on the to-do list for quite a while, was at just the right time to the perfect person that needed it.

What a generous and inspiring soul.


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