Dad Received A Random Act Of Kindness

By Heather • June 15, 2021

Something very special happened today for my dad. He was the recipient of a random act of kindness.

Dad will be 94 in September, he still goes down to the local shops to get his groceries etc. today whilst at our local supermarket he was ushered through the self serve checkout by staff who kindly offered to scan his items and pack them up etc for him.

When it was time to pay he was told, we got this, you are our x customer today and as a gesture of thanks for shopping with us we are picking up the tab on your shop today. He was so excited and to top it off the staff then went and got him the biggest family tray of Arnotts biscuits and a special collector’s tin for them. Dad was humbled by the experience and beyond grateful.

Thank you to the staff who were involved in this beautiful act of kindness.

May we all live with an attitude of gratitude.


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