She's Doing The Best She Can

By Danni • June 1, 2021

So on Saturday night I went to a hotel for some needed recuperation from life. Got a massive discount for the hotel through a friend. She knew I was burnt out. Single mum. Works 70-90 hours a week. No break for 10 years. I went out for dinner. Drank too much wine. 9pm I went to the local bottle shop off a busy city street. I saw a mum and her 3 young kids. Gave her $10 to go get the kids some hot chocolate as it was freezing. I got wine and was walking back and saw a homeless man. Decided to get him maccas. Thought screw it I'm getting the lady and her 3 kids maccas too. Went to the ally way and felt slightly guilty for just dropping off the food to the homeless guy without talking to him, but my focus was on this wonderful mum and her 3 kids. She is a true inspiration of what this social demographical society has done to her. He partner incarcerated. Her world has become unsafe and scary. I could see she is trying the best for her kids. They were clean and well dressed. Their kids asked mum why this lady was helping them. I told them. I've been where you are Hug and love your mum. She's doing the best she can. Fed and happy. I couldn't but hug and love this woman. She's a survivor. I hope one day I can bump into her again. I gave her names of amazing charities that would help her. No questions asked. No shame. This woman should be damn proud of herself. Her kids are thriving and are healthy. I wish I could offer her more than a free feed and $10. I wish I was a CEO of a company, I'd employ her right then and there. The system fails people like this. It breaks my heart. But I walked away knowing that her kids are loved and well looked after I hope I made a difference in her life, she certainly made a massive impact in mine. I will always wonder if life turned out well for her. She will always be in my prayers.


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