Know Exactly What Is For You

By Edeltraut • May 18, 2021

As nurse, ample opportunities to work overseas were being offered in my table. These offered are paired also with multiple qualifications like exams, working experiences etc.

I have my license to practice my profession in middle east, I have a wonderful memories I will always cherish back then.

After my contract, I wanted to work in the United Kingdom for my next stop, so I kept on trying to pass my English exam as my number 1 requirements, I studied hard, enrolled in a review class, It took 4 times to failed to realized and redirect my plans.

Germany is open for nurses too, it's really a challenge to study foreign language specially if I have zero knowledge at all but I made it, one take for the language exam was enough for my application. Gott sei Dank.

I am still struggling with the language but will continue loving and learning it because I know this is what exactly for me.

To all the disappointment, think deeply, this might be God's redirection for you to change your plan and see what is really for you.


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