An Incredible Gift To My Family

By Laura • April 7, 2021

Hi all, thought I would share what has been an incredible gift to my family.

My older brother has severe autism and learning disabilities and lives in an ever expanding village. He always waves, smiles and asks how everyone and anyone is and if you're driving past you'll always get a wave and a thumbs up. It makes him so happy to see others smile, give a little acknowledging beep, wave back and just talk to him.

The littlest things really make a huge difference with him and a lady from the village commented on how lovely he is.

He turns 30 today and they have arranged a cake, birthday sing song, balloons and even a drive by parade of all of his favourite things, tractors, motorbikes, lorries and more! I can't wait to see the look on his face when this all happens, he such a sweetheart to everyone and with what my family is facing with our mum having terminal cancer it has just been a complete ray of sunshine to know that other people care for him too.

It is difficult in this day and age to trust people outside of our family but he has so many people who care for him it warms my heart so much! I hope this makes you smile as much as it does for us to know that although he is different he is still very much part of the community.

He was chased down earlier by the local sandwich shop Tute Baps to give him an early birthday present of some cupcakes, you can see he is so happy and is definitely enjoying his treat!



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