Carrying Items For A Stranger

By Kym • March 25, 2021

Today as I stood in line at Chemist Wearhouse picking up some medicine for my unwell 1 year old.. I overheard the conversation of an elderly lady at the counter next to me. This lovely old women appeared to be buying up half the shop and said to the shop assistant "can I leave half of my items here and I’ll collect the rest when I can as I can’t carry all my items they are far to heavy for me."

I said to the elderly lady ( Ilana ) "I’m more than happy to carry them for you, I’m happy to give you a lift home or do you drive a car?" Not thinking anything of it.

Turns out Ilana drives and her car was parked near my car. I carried all her items to her car and put them in her boot.

This gorgeous Ilana then gets chatting obviously very lonely and tells me how much pain she was in, and all the operations she had had. Ilana told me of her mother dying recently and that her sister her very best friend at 17 had passed and how her dad passed away young as well and how much she missed them with tears in her eyes. I just stood and listened holding back tears myself as she opened up freely talking out her pain to a complete stranger.

My heart sunk and I just wish I could of done more, even though Ilana thanked me over and over on such a small act of kindness.

Ilana I want you to know that carrying your bags to the car today helped my heart as much as it helped yours and I wish you nothing but the best, and I hope that one day we do meet again and I can introduce you to my daughter just like you asked.


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