Today I Hit A Pole With The Back Of My Car

By Sarah • March 11, 2021

Today I hit a pole with the back of my car. A foolish mistake that made me feel awful. I was angry with myself and upset, analysing everything that I could have done differently, justifying why it couldn't have been avoided. All my children were in the car and my beautiful 12 year old daughter reached over and grab my arm and kindly reminded me that I've always taught them that we all make mistake and that everything was going to be okay. She reminded me to forgive myself, and I was so grateful for her in that moment.

When we returned home she handed me $50 that she had earned through jobs and hard work. I asked her what it was for and she replied, "it's for you and Dad to help with fixing the car". How grateful I was again for her sweet heart. She is growing up into a beautiful young woman. Her father and I explained why we didn't need her money, that we were financially okay and had money set aside for accidents like this, but thanked her for thoughtfulness for us.


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