Shopper Moved To Tears By Act Of Kindness

By Jodie • March 10, 2021

Oh wow, still emotional, was in Woolies Fountain Gate here in Melbourne just grabbing a few things we needed for dinner and a couple of other things.

Anyway, as it was all being scanned I realised I couldn’t afford everything I had picked up, so was asking the checkout lady to please put some things aside as I couldn’t afford them.

So almost finished doing this and me feeling embarrassed as anything and apologising to my son for having to put things back, when the man line behind us said it’s ok you pay for what you can and I will cover the rest.

Omg I just started bawling, and couldn’t thank him enough, I just couldn’t believe it, as this has never happened before, I am forever grateful to this man, he is amazing.

If he happens to be on this page thank you so much sir, you have no idea how much you helped someone who was on the verge of an anxiety attack. Thank you 100 times over, take care.


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