Customer Bought Me A Candy Bar

By A Friend • February 17, 2021

I work at a corner store pharmacy, family owned. I already have pretty bad anxiety and a low social battery due to PTSD. Now with the pandemic and dealing with a new breed of customers haven’t made it any better. But i make it through the day.

A kid and his dad came in. The dad informs me his son helped shovel so he’s got spending money for snacks! So the son grabs a bunch of stuff for himself and asks his dad if he wants something. Dad declined and said he could buy his own snacks if he wanted and insisted that the sons money was his money to do what he wanted.

So the son goes back by the candy and asks me what my favorite candy is. Customers typically ask me this as small talk or to get buying inspo for themselves. So i respond with reese’s. He grabs a pack of reese’s and hands it to me, declaring he’s buying it for me. I asked him a couple times if he was sure and he said it was his money to do whatever he wanted and he wanted to buy me a candy bar! I thanked him, it was very sweet considering how bad my days at work usually are.


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