Gods Intervention And My Dream That Saved Me

By Diana • February 2, 2021

I'm always praying even through my darkest days for that's when we see the light and can experience gods intervention. I've never had a real serious relationship, many situationships though. I had met a man whom I thought was strong and my type, whatever that means. I was convinced I wanted a bad boy so to say, well God sent me just that. I was in shock at how quickly he came in my life and left thanks to god and st marys intercession.

I was in my early 20s and he was much older and associated not so good group of people. We talked for a few weeks and I wanted to end things because it was becoming a horror show for me, he was demanding things from me and making me feel compelled to do what he wanted. I told him we should stop talking and he went nuts and made threats. He made me feel like a horrible person and terrified for my familys life. I went to the police station and the officers name was Michael (archangel Michael) put in a order of protection and went home.

I was a zombie I couldn't sleep for three days or eat, On the third day like Jonah and the whale I was finally free and I knew so from a dream I had, in my dream I was walking in a dark corridor all I heard was my footsteps and my head down. All of a sudden I see a beaming light and I looked up and saw a man with no face just light and a white gown and a open door where more light was coming out of. He said to me come with me and he reached out his hand, I said I couldn't and curled up in fetal postion in my dream so he being the almighty and divine didn't hesitate to extend it further and say you have too, I grabbed his had and went through that door!

I knew from that all would be well in all that I do as long as I have faith. God, Jesus and St Mary came to my rescue at a time I didn't think I deserved the aid. But it wasn't me that did, but those around me. God showed me that in my darkest moments he is there and will intervene always!! I know many of us are dealing with scary moments during these dark times but please know and be aware of gods goodness and the signs he gives us to show he will show up and help us everytime we call on him. Its through his strength we are healed and saved! The key is to be kind and confident in prayer. I always remember this dream during my trials that I face, because the battle is his and no weapon formed against us shall prosper!


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