Kindness Is Like Boomerang!

By Judith Maduhu • December 22, 2020

So I and my two girlfriends were taking an evening walk one beautiful day when one of my friend's sandals just snapped. We were in the middle of our way back home and it was really a long way to go, as we were trying to figure out what to do and try some failed DIY's we heard a gentle male voice say 'hey girls i think i can help with that'...

We were delighted to hear that and the man took the sandal and tried to fix it up, unfortunately the superglue he had was dry already and we couldn't believe when he told us that we should wait there patiently as he rushed with his bike to buy superglue. This really amazed us and touched us, he came back and fixed the sandal, we thanked him and wanted to tip him but he kindly refused saying it was okay and that he did it heartily expecting nothing in return.

Its really not easy to get free service nowadays and this kind man stepped out to help for free, this act touched my heart and i couldn't stop smiling and indeed it restored my faith in humanity.

And one thing life has taught me so far is that kindness is like boomerang, it always comes back to us.

Let us now always spread love and show kindness to all people we meet, the world needs more of that.


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