My Very Old Dog Was Rescued By A Random Stranger

By A Friend • December 12, 2020

I wanted to share a positive story and spread some of that same love around.

A few weeks ago my very old, mostly blind dog decided to go on a walk about. When I tried to call for him he got disoriented and ended up going down into a hill covered in blackberry bushes.

If you’ve ever lived in the PNW, you'd understand how awful that really is. I was so distraught and lost as to how I was going to get him out, until a young man named Caleb walked up and offered to chop his way down through the brambles to get him.

This guy is my hero. I didn’t think to get his info, or I would have rewarded him, I was just so happy to get my old man back and to get him home.

These past few years have tried to kill my faith in humans, but Caleb and people like him are keeping it strong.


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