Hot Chocolate

By Susan • November 21, 2020

On a recent cold blustery day right before the election, I was working as a volunteer to clean-up annuals around the roundabout at the Boothbay Common. A car I didn’t recognize pulled up right behind mine, and a woman I don’t know got out. I was a little concerned because not everyone has liked the roundabout, it was right before a contentious election, and during the pandemic so I was thinking anything could happen.

To my complete surprise this woman was holding a hot chocolate and a donut. Evidently, she had driven by me and thought I must be cold (I was), and she decided to do something about it and went to Dunkin Donuts to purchase these items and bring them to me. I was so overwhelmed by this simple act of kindness from a stranger, I thanked her but am very sorry I didn’t get her name.

This exchange has stayed with me ever since, demonstrating the goodness of people in our region and the impact of a simple act of kindness. I have made a goal to do this myself whenever I can … it was amazing to be the recipient that particular day, and it feels just like that to be the giver. A big thank you to that very thoughtful woman who stopped; you know who you are!


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