Pride Goes Before A Fall

By Anjali Mohapatra • October 13, 2020

Once, a wealthy man out of pride, drove his luxurious car with full speed. Engrossed with music, he didn't pay any attention to the traffic sign of a curve path. Eventually, he met a severe accident. The car flung into the air and dashed on the road. He was laying down unconscious in a pool of blood. However, with the help of passers-by, he was admitted one of the best hospitals of the town.

When he opened his eyes, he realised that no part of his body was left without white bandages. He couldn't move his body even an inch. The man couldn't remember what exactly had happened. Few minutes later, the doctor came to his cabin. The doctor smiled at him with full sympathy, came close to him.

‘Hi! How are you feeling, sir?’

He waggled his head with much difficulty.

The doctor softly explained him that he would recover but it would take time because of his multi injuries and having multi diseases. However, the doctor assuaged him to keep patience.

Tears welled up in his eyes. Few days later, he could manage to speak. When the doctor visited him again, he became too impatient and said, ‘Doctor, please do something so that I can be released from the hospital. I would spend as much money as you want.’

The doctor smiled. He gently said, ‘Sir, I am only a doctor not God. Only God can do some miracles! I am trying my best but unfortunately you have some diseases because of which the healing process is slow. Money can't help anyways! Keep patience, you will be okay. After a little chit-chatting the doctor went away for the next patient.

The man lolled down in his bed without any further grumbling. The most horrible thoughts seized his mind every now and then. At last, he thought of God. He babbled out, ‘Oh, God! Where are You? Please give me some resolutions!’

He felt as if some unusual sound responded him, ‘Go ahead! Ask me.’

Without any delay he spoke, ‘Why me, my Lord? Why am I getting this punishment?’

‘It’s simple. You broke the law and got the reward,' said the voice.

‘How is it? I didn't break the law.’

‘Yes, you are! The road is not your private property. While driving, you are supposed to obey the rules. You drove out of your mind. That time also, I saved you. You dashed on a tree, but just on the reverse direction a truck with sharp iron rods fully loaded, was coming. Had you been dashed with that, you would be dead by now. I always extend my helping hand but people can't see it. Be careful next time, otherwise you may not be saved.’

‘Well! What about my diseases? How will I be cured?’ the man asked anxiously.

‘I made you wealthy. That doesn't mean, you would spend the money as you pleased. Your lavishly intake of unhealthy food created problem for you. You got diabetic, kidney, stomach problems, yet you didn't take any precaution. You didn't care for your diabetes, weak functioning of some of the parts of your body, rather ignoring everything, you went on with your bad habits. I warned you through the voice of doctors, but you were adamant and blindfolded with your luxurious life style. That again put you into trouble. If you could have taken a little care from the beginning of the diseases, you could have cured by now!'

‘Oh, God! At least have mercy upon me! Please do something for me. This pain is unbearable. I can't tolerate it anymore. The food I love, can't eat anymore. Driving was my passion, but the doctor banned it for future. Money is drained out from my account because of my treatments. How can I survive? Show me some path, God! I feel exhausted, helpless, please give me the strength!’

A soft chuckling sound vibrated in his ear drum. The man heard the voice again, ‘Well! You thought that you can buy the world with your money! You have it enough! Now go, get it and be happy!’

‘I do understand my Lord! Please forgive me!’

‘Listen, wealth is nothing before health! Look at yourself. No money can take your internal pain! That will only add more stress and disappointment. Besides that what do you think? How many days your money can run if you would stay in a crippled condition? Think wisely and do some good work. Maybe, your health would improve.’

‘What’s that good work, my Lord?’

‘There is no boundary for good works. ‘Humanity’ is enough to define the the words ‘good work’! I have given you the most valuable thing in this world, that is ‘brain’, of course. Now think wisely and do the work, that's my resolution for you.’

The man desperately searched to hear the voice, but there was no more response…….

When the man recollected his own past deeds, he regretted for his own acts. He was astonished whether really he had a conversation with God or it was his conscience who reminded him about his own acts. He realised that truly money could do nothing except supplying some temporary pleasure. Wealth is nothing before health! He felt ashamed of his own pride!


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