I Have Decided

By A Friend • October 8, 2020

This is the end. And the beginning.

The end of endless self guilt, procrastination, postponing and ignoring the reality, running away and hiding, crying, blaming others. The end of overthiking and not following my dreams. The end of giving a sh*t about other people's opinions. The end of wishing something that is not in my power, and whining over the past or daydreaming about the future.

This is the beginning of admitting my mistakes. The beginning of working hard even when it seems impossible, taking up on a challenge, like I used to. The beginning of waking up my passion and fixing past mistakes. The beginning on focusing what can I do today rather than tomorrow, and doing what I think is right for me.

I am responsible for everything in my life that lead me to this point, and I am responsible for getting out of it.

It will be hard at first, but I will keep going no matter what.


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