By A Friend • October 3, 2020

I shared my "identity" with a twin...and until about 9 yrs-old my name was "Twinny". And so was hers! My name was frequently HER name, when someone thought I was her (usually followed by, "Oh, wrong one!"). Every once in awhile I was called my name: Someone would look at me and - lo and behold! - would see ME. But I knew how difficult it was for my siblings, friends and teachers to correctly identify us - once in a movie theater I had a nice chat with my twin sister, only to be tapped on the shoulder by a friend and be told I was talking to a wall-size mirror!

To look identical to another person and to sound exactly the same, however, is not to BE identical. We each have a heart that burns within us whenever we love deeply or grieve desperately; we have eyes that twinkle in laughter; arms that rush to hold those who are weaker; knees that bend in gratitude. But no two people do any of that the same way! Each person touches another in a spectacular and unique way! And each grows stronger in that meeting. I have always treasured the gift of being seen...and recognized! And I want to give that gift to every other person I meet! So simple!


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