Dictionary Prayer

By Lettie • August 3, 2020

There are chaotic political scenes in my city these days, the spread of a highly contagious and deadly disease, and finally, I suddenly lost a beautiful, sweet, most amiable 9 yr-old husky (rescued at 9 months old). To slow myself down and allow myself to open up to clarity in all this "mess", I went to a big, old, red book - Webster New World Collegiate Dictionary!

Certain tools are indispensable in a crisis or times of drastic change. I practice silent prayer (tremendously calming), communicate with good friends, and open the dictionary! I call it "dictionary prayer"! When too tired to think or too confused to chat with someone, but still in need of defining a conflict, guidance at a turning point, or simply some clarification of doubts...I pray to God for a word - and randomly open the 1574 pages of Websters Dictionary.

This week I did that and found the word "bottom". Its origins from many languages way back, mean "ground" and "base", and it is derived from "foundation" - "the part on which everything rests". I guess that goes for where we SIT hehehe! And especially for HUMILITY - the part on which everything rests, the strongest foundation, the "bottom line" Gotta love it!


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