I'm Finally Getting Better

By A Friend • June 14, 2020

So as a small explanation of what I mean, since October of last year my back and left leg slowly started getting worse and worse. By Christmas it got to the point where I could go through my day but the pain would still faintly be there. I succumbed to the pain and decided to lay down all day and night and not do as much physical work.

In the next month I gained 10 pounds and lost so much of my strength and flexibility, I walked like a 80 year old woman witha broken back. It hurt all the time I abused pain killers to the point a developed a tolerance to them and ended up having to stop using them. I could not even extend my left leg the slightest without tears I would get so frustrated I would throw heavy objects onto my legs to keep them down. I was never able to sleep and once I got onto my back I had to make sure I wasn't gonna be needed.

But now 5 months after through all my hard work and dedication I'm close to where I was before it all started. I feel stronger as a person and I can now stand up straight for as long as I need and sometimes I can go a full day without pain! This wouldn't have happened if I didn't go to physical therapy and work to improve myself I still feel the pain but it is never as bad as it was I would never inflict that on my worst enemies.

Running is something I love to do and now I can finally do it I can lay down in the day without worrying if I was going collapse or pass out from pain I can do all these things I took advantage for for so long without realizing how fast they could be taken from me.

Personally I'm glad I went through this it makes me appreciate the small things in life like laying down in the grass or sleeping on my stomach or cooking dinner.

I've never been happier and my personal advice to someone who is going through something similar is dont give up the pain will pass and if it doesn't be stronger than the pain that's the only way to take back your life.


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