Comfort In The Storm

By Jess Beckham • June 9, 2020

There is the famous poem/song that goes along the lines of:

This is a story of a dream I had last night, walking down a sandy path, G-d was at my right. Two sets of footprints were formed in the sand, one set were my very own and the other was G-d's. But only one set were present when troubles did drew near, He stood and watched me suffer, no part of Him was there. But then He said to me, "Understand my child I'll never leave you through, troubles and suffering I'll always be there for you, it was then that I carried you through moments of despair'.''

This poem resounds deeply in me; whenever you feel like you are all alone in pain, remember that G-d is always with you and especially in those times He is holding you, guiding you through the hardships, encouraging you to grow through them and become the best person you can. Like a diamond that needs to be cut in order to acquire it's full potential value. We should realise that with G-d's support and our determination we can succeed all challenges and achieve a value in ourselves the likes of which we did not know of.


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