By Anjali Mohapatra • June 4, 2020

Once, there lived a man who was very foodie. His only interest was, how to eat varities of delicious food. But his problem was - he never liked to spend money. So, he was always in search of a person to whom he could make a fool.

He made a time-table of visiting his relatives, including his friends house. One day, he went to one of his friends house. They talked a lot about their childhood days, college life and other thrilling moments. After finishing the gossiping, the man told his friend to accompany him for the lunch in a restaurant. His friend, on the other hand knew about his nasty habit. First, his friend didn't agree but later joined with him.

Both of them sat in a very expensive restaurant. They ordered a lot of things and enjoyed the delicious food. When both of them were done, his friend told him that he would be back within two minutes from the wash room. The man sat alone there waiting for his friend. By that time, the attendant cleaned the table and handed over the receipt.

The man, as usual not in a mood to pay that bill. He pretended as if he was severely coughing and in that pretext buy some time from the attendant. Fifteen minutes passed, yet there was no sign of his friend! Once again, few minutes later, the service man came. But this time, he kept the bill on the table and went away.

Now, there was no escape for this greedy man. He looked here and there, then reluctantly plunged his hands on the pocket for the wallet. The amount was quite high! He cursed himself inviting his own friend for the lunch. With a heavy heart, he paid the money in thousands.

While going home, he telephoned his friend. His friend laughed aloud said, 'Come on, dear! What's yours and mine? You spend or I spend, it is all the same.'

The greedy man now understood his own game played by his friend!


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