Your Health Is In Your Own...mind

By Nata Fox • May 28, 2020

How to live without any diseases? Choosing good news in the chaos of the Internet is in some way the path to health!

The good news is that to protect your health from any viruses and diseases is very easy using this method that Shakuntali Siberia brings to the world.

Energy has been prior to everything.

Prior to everything on this Earth there was energy. Energy formed a substance that later on shaped our planet. So it is logical to say that we all are clots of the energy.

"Our energy is like the fuel in the car" - Shakuntali Siberia explains.

When energy thrives throughout our body, we feel fine. Every time we start feeling malaise or - moreover - pain, it means that our body let us know: in this part or organ there is not enough energy.

What can you do to heal yourself?

Every organ, every part of our body is connected with certain emotions. We are living using our habits which in the end produce our emotions which in turn influence the condition of our health.

Shakuntali Siberia is sure that all we need to do constantly is to work with our emotions and mind. And to change emotions we must follow up on our life habits and subconsciousness.

It doesn’t mean of course that you should resist allopathic medicine at all. It can be useful for example to reduce pain at the critical moment.

But always remember that the disease firstly appears not in your physical body but in your subtle body. It can be easily proved.

For example, we have a patient with any kind of tumor. The allopathic medicine would almost for sure propose to excise it. But after a while, the tumor appears again - in the same location or in another organ or part of the body. This means that the cause of the tumor was not removed, so the disease will be showing itself again and again.

What can you do right now to prevent any diseases?

Live your life with an open mind and deep faith. Practice yoga, deep meditation or any other way of self-discovery and emotional development suitable for you.

Take much care of your emotional and mental health - this is the source of everything. In fact, every negative emotion turns into a stain in your body that in time is growing larger and larger.

Pay attention to Shakuntali Siberia Gyud sessions as an excellent opportunity to clear your mind and improve your health.

The preliminary task is to clear our subconsciousness from all the garbage that had been accumulated there for years.

This garbage, or. the wrong ideas, that might have been transmitted to us by our relatives, or even by the complete strangers and the ads, can cause great damage and throw you off your life path, your mission, your predestination.

Return your born pure consciousness and heart, and get rid of any malaises and diseases. This is the deepest and in fact the unique way of curing.


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