By Anjali • April 29, 2020

Once I wrote few words in Internet forum….

‘I was overwhelmed with joy when I called people across the world to make friendship. And I got a huge response. We joined, talked, gossiped, and then took an oath that we would change the world! We were connected so fast without having any land or air tickets. We became closer and closer. Slowly but steadily we made a group of young adults, both genres. No cast, no creed, no race, no imbalance of rich or poor! We made fun, we played jokes, we danced together holding our hands and looked at each other with full of happiness! Everyday, almost at same time irrespective of time barrier, we sat together and decided our future plan.

The plan was unique! It was fully consented by our own created group. Time was fixed. We started our expedition to climb a mountain top where jointly we stood, prayed from the core of our heart to the Almighty! The circle we made was sparkling with colourful dresses. We bowed down till the Light sparkled before us! Yes, yes, yes! He, the Almighty appeared in front of all of us with His ever enchanting never ending smile! We were beheld, speechless with the eternal beauty of our Lord! He was saying only and only one word ‘LOVE’ which was rebounded in everybody’s ear. He said in His magical voice, ‘Go, go my children fearlessly. Spread the message ‘Love’ instead of ‘Hate’, I am always with you whenever, wherever you need! Overcome all the hurdles with the sword of love, affection, compassion and generosity! The whole universe is mine, so need not to be afraid of anything. Go ahead with strong determination, focused in your ‘goal’! You will be the winner!’

Slowly the voice with the light faded but we felt as if we were in our ever imaginary domain, ‘Utopia’!!! We were blessed and contemplated! Nevertheless of the diversity of cultural, social, ethnic elements all around us, we came down to our original places and started our brand new venture of establishing ‘The Utopia’ through the message of ‘love’! Our aim was pure and perfect! We do believe that one day the whole world will acknowledge the true meaning and value of our divine message ‘LOVE’!!! After all, we are humans! Our race is one! We have only one duty that is ‘HUMANITY’, under which banner everything is defined!


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