A Stranger Helping A Stranger

By A Friend • April 1, 2020

Since the Covid outbreak, a lot has changed for many people. I am a first time mom, 37 weeks pregnant. There are so many scary things going on, but something great has come out of it all. I've never had something like this happen to me and I was humbled and grateful.

I had to cancel my baby shower. Yes, a first world problem, but I was excited to celebrate with friends and family I haven't seen in a while. I am a part of this Facebook group that's a Corona Virus Quarantine Karaoke group. Basically, a bunch of people posting videos of themselves signing. It's a fun page.

Well, I posted a video and I'm clearly pregnant. I explained how it was a good distraction from having to cancel my baby shower, then sang my song. A random women in the group saw my video and requested my baby registry. Now, that was not the intent of the post. I just needed to vent and distract myself. However, this women proceeds to actually buy me stuff off my registry. I was so touched. She spent maybe $20, but it was so thoughtful that she would want to help a stranger feel good.

I can't wait to find an opportunity to pay it forward. There are good people doing good things right now. Let's find the positive!


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